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Claiming a Story:

Summaries will be claimed on a first come, first served basis.

As we have more artists than authors, once all fics have been claimed once any remaining artists may claim a fic which has already been claimed. No fic can be claimed more than twice.

Each summary will be given a number. We will add comments to this post with a number in the subject title. Reply to the comment containing the number of the fic which you wish to claim.

If two people claim a summary at the same time we will use the timestamp to determine who got there first.

Once the summary has been claimed, you'll be given the author's name and contact information.

Rules for Artists:

You will create at least one piece of art to accompany one of the Big Bang stories.

Art can be any type you wish: original illustration, cover art, photo manipulation, fanvids or fanmixes.

Your art may not be posted anywhere prior to the posting date. After that, you are free to post wherever you wish.


Your final piece must be completed by 5th November. You may provide us with a link to the art or video or the art file itself.

The posting schedule will be between 12th November - 26th November. We will contact you with your posting date.


1. Tales of the Tardishire: Siren’s Song

Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Martha/Tom, Doctor/Rose; mentions past Ianto/Lisa, Jack/Estelle, Jack/John, and Doctor/Sarah Jane
slash, smut, angst, mentions potential real-life apocalypse
While trying to prevent a catastrophic bioterrorist attack, Captain Jack Harkness and Special Agent Gwen Cooper of the British SIS Counterterrorism Division encounter Dr. Ianto Jones, a widower with intricate connections to Jack’s tragic past and complicated family. When the young doctor saves Gwen’s life, will he also become part of Jack’s future?
This is an AU (no aliens) that uses characters from Torchwood, Dr. Who, and the Sarah Jane Adventures

Eternally Bound

Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Owen, Tosh, Gwen,
Warnings: character death (Jack)
Rating: M
Summary: Post Cyberwoman the team are all still treating Ianto differently. Owen decided that he needs more punishment than Jack's giving him (he's basically suspended to the archives) Owen leaves a device around to give Ianto a zap but it combines with a piece of tech Ianto's already holding and manipulates his DNA to match another person - Jack. Ianto now has 51st century physiology and Jack needs to teach him how to adapt. through this their relationship repairs and they discover that not only has Ianto been 51st century altered but he's also bound to Jack though his life energy making him immortal.
Notes: Spoilers for Cyberwoman.

3. Happily Ever After: Guaranteed
Jack and Ianto
No warnings though I am still debating about adding in an epilogue that would take place right before that last scene with Jack on the hill in COE episode 5.
Jack goes to visit Ianto for a date but instead of going out Jack says they're staying in to hear an alien fairytale courtesy of a gift from the rift. Only it's a more advanced model than Jack is expecting and the two of them get pulled into the fairytale world and must act out the story from beginning to end. Jack becomes the charming and beloved prince of the kingdom with Ianto as his trusty manservant. Together, the two of them are sent on a quest to free the neighbouring kingdom of the evil aliens who had tricked and imprisoned them. Their quest takes on many of the usual fantasy adventure ideas mixed with thoughts a futuristic off planet storyteller might add in.
I didn't even think of it when I first started but my beta said that the alien device reminded her of the holodeck in Star Trek.

4. The Imperfect Imitation Of What I Used To Know

PG 13
None yet
Jack gets stuck in an alternate world where Ianto is still alive and Torchwood london never fell.

5. Ink In My Coffee

Torchwood/Prison Break
Main Characters:
Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Gwen Cooper, Michael Schofield
Main Pairings:
Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Michael
Sexual Situations.
When the mysterious Michael Schofield turns up at the Torchwood Tattoo & Piercing Studio with an elaborate design he wants tattooed onto the entire upper half of his body, tattoo artist Ianto Jones wastes no time in accepting the challenge to ink the design exactly as Michael has envisioned. The hours Ianto and Michael find themselves spending together in close proximity as Ianto works his magic with the needle, soon bleeds into the after hours, where needle on skin is replaced by skin on skin.
Notes: AU verse in which Torchwood is a tattoo and piercing studio situated in Downtown Chicago. It’s run by Jack Harkness and his team, and just so happens to be the tattoo parlour Michael Schofield decides to go to in order to get his infamous tattoo inked. Getting tattooed however isn’t the only thing that happens to him over the two months he attends Torchwood. This story is set pre-series for Prison Break, so no in-depth knowledge of the show is required.

Impromptu Rendezvous

Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Ianto/TARDIS
Rating: NC-17 (SEX. A LOT OF IT.)
Summary: The TARDIS shows up on the Plass. It couldn't hurt to look inside, right? Just for a second?
Notes: The working title for this was simply, "Operation: Get The TARDIS Laid." That's what we did.

7. The Darian Con

Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, TW 2 and 3
Warnings: A little swearing, no sex, references to kinks largely in the mind of the reader, a wee bit o’ violence
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack and Ianto are private detectives. Their client, Gwen Cooper, asks them to find something she’s lost. Criminal scumbaggery ensues.

8. Holding to the Ground

Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, the Doctor, Gwen Cooper, OCs. Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Warnings: character death, smut, AU
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dealing with Jack's grief following Ianto's death. Told from the POVs of Jack, Gwen and a frozen Ianto. The fic deals with Jack's grief following Ianto's death, Gwen trying to run and rebuild Torchwood while heavily pregnant. Jack travels the world until something finally pulls him back to Cardiff – and discovers Ianto is still alive. Only problem is he'll need the Doctor's help, and who knows when he'll return again?
Notes: Crossover with Doctor Who only. No spoilers save for Children of Earth.

9. Twisted Mind

Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Martha
(character death, non-con, smut, etc) Character Death, Gory Violence
Our thoughts are what drive us; good thoughts, bad thoughts, end of the world type thoughts. But what happens when you suddenly have thoughts inside your head that aren’t your own? When Jack and Ianto retrieve an artefact one evening that is seemingly harmless it sets in motion a chain of events that could spell another end of the world type moment for team Torchwood especially when Ianto starts acting out of character. Jack calls in Martha to get to the bottom of Ianto’s mood swings, so it’s not long until they discover that Ianto’s no longer thinking for himself and his thoughts are far worse than hiding his cyber-girlfriend in the basement.

10. Never Despair Lest You Have Forgotten (Me)

Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, characters of Children of the Earth, Torchwood 4: Human-Blowfish hybrid female and middle-aged human doctor
Warnings: fix-it!fic for CoE, sex between men, violence
Rating: R
Summary: It's been two days since children stopped in the middle of the road, and the Torchwood teams finds themselves in London trying to stop the 4-5-6 from taking the children. Their plans take unexpected turns when they are suddenly confronted by two time-travellers who turn out to be the remnants of Torchwood 4. Ianto is almost killed when a misunderstanding brings together the two teams, but necessity and an unspoken Torchwood code bonds them despite their differences in their fight against the 4-5-6 and corrupt governments. Jack and Ianto's relationship is tested as Jack has to come to terms with his actions of the past, present and what he might decide for the better of mankind.
Notes: The storyline follows the original CoE storyline over the course of Day 3 to Day 5 fairly closely but begins to deviate into a (to me) more plausible scenario. The story is told predominantly from Ianto's point of view (3rd person narrative) therefore it focuses on what happens with him and Torchwood rather than the bigger picture we saw in CoE. It also follows a different line of Jack and Ianto's relationship, wherein I see it growing during the timeline rather than deteriorating as we saw in the series.

11. Title: Where The End Meets The Start

Jack/Ianto pairing. Gwen, Martha, 10th Doctor, Captain John Hart, OCM Avon, Rhys, Stephen and Alice.
swearing. Some M/M kissing
R for language
The Doctor has trouble on Earth, but when he goes to look for Jack he finds out Jack’s left. Gwen, Martha and the Doctor travel to find Jack who has been making his own plans for the past thousand years to get what he lost to the 4-5-6. In a clash of wills between Jack and the Doctor who’s going to win?
Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover.

12. Splitting of the Ways

Characters/Pairings: Ianto Jones/Rose Tyler, 9th Doctor, Jack Harkness (a spark of the start of Jack/Ianto if you squint).
Warnings: Character death (not permanent)
R (bad words)
Summary: What if during Boomtown, Ianto Jones had appeared and found himself inside the TARDIS? What if some unknown force pulled the TARDIS from Cardiff suddenly before Ianto had a chance to leave? Jack is left behind in Cardiff, 2005 at the end of “Boomtown” and Ianto ends up traveling with the Doctor and Rose. Has a couple of short adventures before “Bad Wolf” and Ianto becoming involved with Rose, and ends with Ianto back in Cardiff, 2005 and finally meeting the much talked about Captain Jack Harkness. (my summary will change for the final version).
Notes: (I need to pull together credits for the transcript I used for some of this, along with episode credits). This is done mostly from Ianto’s POV, so if he is not in a scene, you won’t see it here (just assume that it mostly happened much the same as what was televised with very little difference). Major spoilers for “Boomtown”, “Bad Wolf” and “Parting of the Ways”, and an assumption that those episodes were seen to fill in the blanks.

13. Don’t Blink Ianto Jones

Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, The Doctor, Weeping Angel
Warnings: Man/Man sex, homophobic situations, violence,
Rating: nc-17
Summary: Torchwood find themselves landed with a strange angel statue in their archives with no knowledge of what it is and where it comes from... A visit from a lonesome Time Lord reveals that the statue is infact a Weeping Angel and Ianto ends up in a frightening staring competition, resulting in him being sent backwards in time to the Victorian era. Times are harsh, attitudes to homosexuals are despicable and Ianto has trouble surviving as he awaits the help of his friends…
Notes: crossover with Doctor who, refrences to the episode ‘Blink’. Set about one week BEFORE Children Of Earth.

14. A Funny Thing Happened To Me While You Were Gone

Characters/Pairings: Ianto/OMC [central] Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys and Jack/Ianto [implied]
Warnings: slash, smut, romance, angst
Rating: NC-17
Summary: While Jack was away in the year that never was, geting tortured and planning a way to escape and save the doctor, Ianto remains in the world of Torchwood trying to ignore every feeling he has for the captain to such a degree that he actually finds an old 'acquantance' to get rid of the urge.
Notes: [For the artist that chooses, I do actually have a face picked out for the main OMC, which may make it easier for you :)]

15. The Velocity of a Kebab

Characters/Pairings: PC Andy/Tosh, Owen, Jack, Ianto, Rhys
Warnings: character death
Rating: R
Summary: AU: PC Andy Davidson is following up on his fallen partner's last investigation -- finding out what the mysterious special-ops team called Torchwood is doing in his city.
[Which said, it's probably best just to send the artist the draft... Basically it's a retelling of seasons one and two with Andy on the team instead of Gwen, exploring some of the points that would be affected by the change. And how this meant that "Greeks Bearing Gifts" became Owen's storyline and "Adrift" turned into an Andy-and-Rhys buddy-movie, even I don't quite understand... ;) ]
Notes: The title is from episode 1 of Torchwood, and represents the moment this AU split off from canon. Fic has 7 chapters with internal titles "Everything Changed", "Greek Fire", Kiss, Kiss", "Eve", "Something Blue", "Drifters", and "No Exit".

16. Achieving Avalon

Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, past Arthur/Merlin, past Ianto/Lisa, past Ianto/others, Gwen/Rhys, Ianto Jones/Merlin Emrys, Captain Jack Harkness/Arthur Pendragon, Toshiko Sato, Doctor Owen Harper, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams, Morgana la Fey/Lady Morgana Farthing, Great Dragon/Cameron Ashmore, Nimueh/Naomi Smith
Warnings: OOC-ness running rampant, rude language, REALLY AU after Cyberwoman, Jack Harkness in general
Rating: PG-13 possibly light R
Summary: Ianto Jones is a perfectly ordinary man with no past and a not so ordinary job. Merlin Emrys on the other hand? He has a trail of mysticism, magic, death, love, and reincarnation following him like a lost puppy. Somehow it’s up to him to put a little magic back into the Torchwood teams lives especially Jack’s. Why? Well because it’s Jack he falls in love with every lifetime and it’s up to the Captain to get his own memories back.
Notes: This was just a weird little chestnut in my head. So yeah I wrote and I enjoyed it. Thanks to my wonderful beta. Basic knowledge of Merlin is required.

17. Throughout Time and Space

Jack/Ianto, Gwen, New Team OCs: Cadi, Caron and Evan. (Gwen/Cadi, mostly implied).
Time jump, MPreg (Jack), slight angst, fluff, spoilers for everything aired of TW. Including that pesky AU; Children of Earth... -innocent-
Six months on after the events of CoE, Ianto wakes up in his grave and claws his way out. But Jack’s already gone. So what does Ianto do? He chases after him, of course.

It takes a long time to find him, and they return to Earth to find a vastly changed Torchwood (a new team and Gwen’s life is altered considerably). And then Jack has a bombshell to drop...
No notes. Spoilers for Torchwood episodes and the novels. But nothing major because it’s only references. Mostly to The Sin Eaters.

18. Get Your Facts First, Then You Can Distort Them As You Please

Jack/Ianto, Gwen and PC Andy.
Warnings: Nothing major, just a few swear words and brief mentions of sex.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A strange artefact and an even stranger message leaves team Torchwood tying themselves up in knots trying to solve the mystery. Cue a car chase for Gwen, an oddly acting weevil for Jack, and a tomb raider style adventure for Ianto.
Notes: Quotation in the title from Mark Twain.

Characters/Pairings: Gwen, Ianto, Jack, OCs. Brief appearances by Bilis Manger,Rhys Williams, Agent Johnson and Rhiannon Davies. Pairings as on show.
Warnings: references to sexual situations but nothing explicit.
Rating: PG-13 or M (sorry, I'm really bad at ratings)
Summary: Set post-S2, essentially as different season 3 with seven interlinked stories. The main arc is about Bilis Manger and TorchWatch attempting to destroy present day Torchwood to save the future. One of the new team members sacrifices herself to save the day and Ianto's sister also helps. The minor stories deal with body snatching, an alien in a bathtub,an incubus, an alien device intended to help team bonding and an alternate take on the 456.
Notes: Title is the word for the Welsh version of a geis, an obligation or destiny laid on mythical heroes, often related to/the cuase of their death.

20. Dear Jack, With Love

Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Tish Jones, Jack/Ianto
Warnings: Everything in series 2 of TW is game, also through ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ in DW. Mentions of rape, torture, mentions of character death.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Letters between Tish Jones and Jack Harkness; or the road to recovery after a year on the Valiant.
Notes: Crossover with Doctor Who.

21. Season of Mists

Characters/Pairings: Gwen/Rhys, baby Edward, Jack/Ianto, Andy, Captain John Hart, Archie (Torchwood Two), OMC (a doctor), various OC spear carriers, the Doctor (Eleventh), Dream of the Endless (in the aspect of Daniel), Lucy Saxon, and a Time Agent
Warnings: Violence, Character Death, Torture (not exactly, but it's probably the best way to describe it)
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Summary: Post-CoE. John Hart has tracked down yet another of the people Jack has lost. Now he needs Jack, Gwen, and Andy to help him stage a rescue. But how can they trust him, after everything? More to the point, how can they trust anyone? In which Ianto is less mortal than previously believed, a group of scientists get an unexpected test subject, Dreams are Important, and Jack is forced to confront his past in highly literal fashion.
Notes: Crossover with Doctor Who and Neil Gaiman's the Sandman, with particular references to the Valiant, Jack's missing two years, and just what the hell a Time Agency is FOR, anyway. (You don't have to be a Sandman fan for the fic to make sense -- you just need to accept that there are anthropomorphic characterizations of such concepts as Death, Desire, Dream, and Delirium running around and sometimes getting involved.)

22. Does Africa Know A Song Of Me?

Characters/Pairings: Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Martha. Jack/Ianto, mentions of Gwen/Rhys, Martha/Tom
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack gets a call from UNIT, asking him to go investigate peculiar happenings in Namibia. He agrees to go, and takes Ianto along with him. When they get there they discover they have no phone or internet access, so their only contact with the rest of team Torchwood is by snail mail. Letters back and forth between Jack & Ianto and the rest of the team, detailing the little and large mishaps befalling them while they are separated.
Notes: Title is a quote from the 1985 classic film ‘Out of Africa’.

23. Not Quite A Love Story

Jack Harkness, Lucia Moretti, other OCS
OC death
Lucia Moretti's starting a new job. She doesn't yet know how it will change her life.
Chronological details courtesy of Wikipedia, the Doctor Who Chronology, and “Children of Earth”.

24. Shattered in Aspect

Characters/Pairings: Torchwood Team and CoE characters, Methos and Joe from Highlander: The Series, OFC and the Doctor. Pairings: Gwen/Rhys, Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Methos, Jack/Methos, (background of Methos/Jack/Ianto)
Warnings: It’s a non-fixit CoE story! Character Death. Lots of Angst; tissues required.
Rating: M
Summary: The events of Torchwood: CoE as they happened in my Torchwood/Highlander AU
Notes: Crossover with Highlander: The Series (in my ongoing AU) and Doctor Who (slightly). Some dialogue from Days 2-5 of CoE is used in the fic.
The title is from the song ‘Shattered in Aspect’ by Faith and the Muse, as is the longer quote near the end. The ‘Chapter’ quotes are from the song ‘No Time to Cry’ by the Sisters of Mercy.
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  • Posting Schedule

    Hello everyone, Here is, finally, the posting schedule for the Big Bang. I can only apologise for the delay and ask that you not blame my fellow…


    Hello all! Apologies from all the mods at the moment about how out of contact we've been these last couple of weeks. Only one of us had internet I'm…

  • Author/Artist Match Ups

    Hello everyone! We're just working on pairing up artists with authors at the moment and you'll find out who you should find out who…